Should I Text or Should I Call? Come to the Annual SAAEMA Marketing Clinic and Find Out!

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As marketers, the most important thing we do is communicate — with our colleagues, with our clients, and with the public. For the first time in history, we have to learn to speak the language of three distinct generations in the business world — Baby Boomers, who are working longer than ever; GenXers, the middle generation; and the up-and-coming Millenials, who will soon outnumber their older peers. This year’s Marketing Clinic is designed to help you learn to speak the language of each generation, understand what makes them tick, and most importantly, to get them to respond to your message.

Sue Porter is a trainer and business coach who specializes in behavioral styles and generational differences. She’ll lead us in a fun and interactive session as we explore the sometimes puzzling and misunderstood behaviors of our multi-generational peers. She’ll also clue us in to the very real influence birth order can play in our relationships with our friends, family, and colleagues. We know you’ll come away with new knowledge and skills to help you become an outstanding communicator, no matter who your audience is.

While an evening at the improv can make for a fun night out, improvisation can also play an important role in building cooperation and collaboration among team members. “Yes, and?” is a powerful technique for increasing the flow of ideas, embracing creativity, and building respect in all kinds of groups. Our special guests, Jennifer GiraloWill Hightower, and Elyse Cocco, combine their A/E/C experience with their love of improv to entertain and enlighten us with a series of fun exercises. If you don’t know the person sitting next to you when we get started, you will by the time we’re finished!

And of course, no Marketing Clinic would be complete without an update on the business climate in Southern Arizona, so we’ll open the session with a talk from Michael Varney, President of the Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce.

Your registration includes lunch and happy hour at An following the clinic. Don’t miss this day of fun, learning, and networking!

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